The Special Projects that we support are in urgent need for your support. Some of the projects and classified as the most neglected untreated medical problems on the planet. Most of those affected are unable to get the medical treatment needed.


Donation of your precious time in the worlds most vulnerable areas is a way of being able to serve others and teach the local professionals new methods of medical practice. We offer you this opportunity to give back to those in need.


Every donation goes to support our mission including purchase of equipment, medical supplies and consumables to be able to offer services to the less fortunate”. We offer  outreach services to facilitate this but need your support.

Frequently asked questions

Amicus Health International has recently been rebranded from “Essential Air Services – Africa” whom have been operating since 2017 in Central & West Africa. Our primary focus was Aero medical evacuation but we have now expanded to offering Clinics, outreach and special projects into our portfolio. We pride ourselves in providing a turnkey Health solution in the region.

By adding the information into “Join our Newsletter” at the bottom of the page you can subscribe to get first hand current news and Health information as and when it happens. We will be providing insightful information for anyone travelling and working in the region. During a Crisis information is critical and essential to know so you can make choice decisions for you and your teams.

The app is free and downloadable from the Google playstore or the iOS Appstore and available for anyone to use. You have two choice of language to assist in getting the fastest assistance possible.

We accept Medical professionals to spend time with us volunteering in our Clinics to be able to get the best experience in remote locations with limited resources. Our volunteer program is unique to offering these services so send us a message in the in the “Volunteer” section.

Every little bit helps for us to be able to support the poorest communities on the planet and give then the medical care that they deserve.