Mobile Clinics

Serving the community that you are currently working in is an ideal way of ensuring your commitment to enhance the lives of the people who live in the location that you are currently working in. Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of build and developing a community and healthcare is at the foundation of this ethos.

We design and create turnkey Mobile medical solutions to adapt to your budget requirements.

Our Services

Design and build of remote permanent or semipermanent clinics. Provision of management and staffing capabilities.

Our Outreach

We are capable to deploy to any remote destination to enable professional care and medical practices.

Special Projects

Specialised training programs, coordination and support of rural health projects, research and data collection.

Structure of Clinics

Doctors & Examination Room

State of the art clinic Doctors room fitted with Filtrated water pump, Air conditioner and examination equipment. We have a stretcher door as well as a patient door to provide ease of access to patients.

Lab & Pharmaceutical Store

Onsite Laboratory provides fast rapid diagnosis to enable faster care to the patient. Our lab is supplied with international equipment all calibrated and maintained to international standards. Our in house pharmacy provides instant treatment to those who need it.

Doctor & Nurse accommodation

Clinics often only open during daylight hours. Our accommodation unit caters to provide 24-hour care in remote sites so treatment does not need to wait.

Solar or generator or water Pump storage

Having a solar and generator back up provides the necessary energy to the clinic 24 hours a day. It makes management far more effective and efficient to provide the patient with immediate care.

Our Projects