Amicus Medical
Occupational Clinics

Our Occupational Clinics provide accessibility to all and includes benefits such as drug screen services, specialized products, state of the art duty of care, primary healthcare all provided by internationally certified staff.

We provide training to groups and organizations, remote medical personnel on projects and provide essential specialized services like Rabies attacks and Snakebite cases.

Our Services

Our Services include primary & occupational care, Laboratory services, Training that includes international certification, First aid and Search & rescue, Fit to work assessments, Telemedicine, Consultancy and referral management

Our Outreach

We offer remote medical expertise with our international medically trained staff. We have experience in search and rescue. We specialise in educative programs for community enhancement.

Special Projects

We work side by side with the global snakebite initiative, Rabies and other forgotten illnesses. Holistic pain management and Women/Girl empowerment projects.

Services Offered

General practice

We offer primary and occupational healthcare at international standards to serve all in need

Lab & Pharmaceutical Store

Our services offer inhouse laboratory testing for rapid results to diagnose and treat conditions earlier.

Outreach educational services

Education is essential to inform communities of best medical practices to enhance livelihoods and keep illness away

International Medical Training

Certified international training services are offered to remote businesses who need medical requirements. We work closely to identify and teach on the needs of the client and empower local talent.