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Executive Statement

To provide the highest standard of Emergency and Clinical Medical Care to
those who request our services.

Medical Evacuation

Amicus Health International provides medical evacuations utilizing
our Internationally trained staff and FAA registered aircraft.

Health Services

Amicus Health International provides clinical services, tele-medicine,
field hospitals, contract medical services and is a Corporate Social Responsibility
(CSR) partner.

Emergency Response

Supports response to medical emergencies, famine, natural & man-made disasters. Amicus Health International assists in providing accurate situational awareness to increases effectiveness of response and reduce reaction time.

Logistic Reach

Amicus Health International provides reliable transport of goods and services to and from remote markets and enables the extension of cold storage logistics chain for vaccines and perishable goods.

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Amicus Health International Logo
Working in partnership with regional authorities to provide essential Medical Support, Political Governance, Emergency Reponse and Logistic Reach.
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Phone: +235 60 09 16 35
Satellite Phone: +8816 3166 9138
WhatsApp Number: +447456672860
Email: Info@AmicusHI.com

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